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UK Aid - Helping the Victims of Chernobyl


Contact us on 01371 238941 or

07884 426551 / 07979 067268

Please donate through our Give A Little page

Give a little donation page

Chernobyl aid
Chernobyl aid
Chernobyl aid
Chernobyl aid
Chernobyl aid
Chernobyl aid

UK-Aid is an Essex-based charity whose aim is to help sick and under privileged children.

In particular, the charity supports the children and families still suffering from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

 Please volunteer


Volunteering is a rewarding and positive way to spend any spare time you may have and we’re always in need of people to help.

Drive a Van


We simply can’t get the aid we have to the Centre without the assistance and dedication of our drivers...

Please Donate Supplies


We rely heavily on the donations of vital supplies we receive from our supporters...

Please Sponsor us


Any help your business can give us to raise funds and awareness would be very much appreciated...

Pleas fundraise


We really do appreciate the support of all our fundraisers who help us...

Please give


The smallest amount can make a big difference to the Centre and the families it supports...